Sunday, May 9, 2010

Water Street, if it is broken it must be fixed.

Another great week at water street. Gary got some more great pics, check them out here. CJ and his whole posse rode over from Jersey to hang, it was a great turnout.

For me it usually starts earlier in the day as people roll through to get spare tubes or repairs. This week Jesse rolled through to have us tighten up his new cranks and bottom bracket he had attempted to install himself. Sure, no problem right? Wrong, when the crank bolt snapped and shot out of the spindle like a bullet. I have never seen anything quite like it before. And of course I didn't have the right sized bolt to fit it. (note to self, order profile gdh crank bolts)

Fortunately Tony had one for Jesse but Jesse still needed to get home and down to Water St. So a rear quick release skewer did the trick to keep his crank arm from falling off.

And he was happily riding again, that is Jesse's happy face.

Oh yeah, then Soap broke his PK Ripper in half. Apparently he was shredding some dirt jumps earlier in the day and something didn't sound right. Then on a bunny hop 180, CRACK!

Now Soap has a new uni-cycle.

So Fridays are spent mostly fixing stuff that happened on Thursday night. Jesse bent his frame in half, I got it rolling again but it ain't pretty. And we got a 2010 ripper frame in for Soap that we started putting back together on Saturday. I have a feeling that this is just the beginning, Water Street is going to be claiming many more victims this summer.

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