Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

This project began with an introduction and a handshake in Vegas last September. Seems so long ago, but here it is in living steel!
Jason from Affinity Cycles told me about this very special collaboration project and I was sold.

The Metropolitan was a new model for Affinity, inspired by the traditional keirin geometry with original Affinity frame designs, and proven on the streets.

We have been given the opportunity to add our personality and flavor to this modern classic and are very proud to introduce it to you.

This unique collaboration between two kindred spirits is now available only at your favorite bicycle shop on 4th street in philadelphia. I invite you to come visit the shop and check out my build and talk about making one uniquely yours.

I am absolutely loving this bike and was able to get it out for a nice 40 mile ramble this weekend, taking full advantage of the holiday and the 90+ degree weather.

Each frame includes a custom badge in either silver or bronze, lovingly crafted by Jennifer Green at Revolution Cycle Jewelry.

There are four sizes 47, 52, 55 and 57 available in the BRevs green on green colorway for $500.

I will be building more of these as the days go by and you should check them out HERE!

Very Special Thanks To Adam Nordmeyer For His Photography Services!!!