Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yamaguchi Aero Track Fork

Our good friend Matt recently brought in his Yamaguchi Aero track fork to have some threads added and install it with a Chris King headset.

I don't see much of Yamaguchi's work coming through the shop, and have never seen any of his work raw. The shaped tubing and quality of the brazing are exceptional.

I snapped a few pics to share, please enjoy.

If you like what you see, check out the Yamaguchi slideshow HERE.
And to find out more about Yamaguchi go HERE.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Day, Rest And Recovery.

So it looks like we got a bunch of snow last night. As I am still on the mend, I decided to lay low and enjoy a day snugglin' with the wife and dogs. I hope you all are doing the same.

Since I am only working with one good hand, Heather won the prize today and got to shovel the steps, sidewalk and backyard (for the dogs). She is a trooper!

I made coffee and stayed warm.

Once the yard was passable the dogs were ready to brave the frozen tundra.

The snow was piled up deep in the yard, summertime BBQs frozen till spring!

And Woody's old track bike still slowly rusting away in our dogwood tree.

Tomorrow is another day, shop should be up and running again at 11am.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!

Thanks for an excellent Christmas, we hope you are all enjoying yours with friends and loved ones.

We are closed Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th, see you again Monday the 27th at 12pm.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

2011 Cinelli Vigorelli Framesets Are In!

Even thought there is snow and ice on the ground, hot new products keep rolling through the door. Just received our first order of 2011 Cinelli Frames, and the new Vigorelli is looking great. Not typically my style, but I am talking myself out of "needing" one of these for my personal fleet. So do me a favor, come on down and let me build one for you so I can spend some of this creative energy on it. Thank you.

You can find some more info HERE. Not up to date with the new color, but you get the idea. Now selling for $850!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Brooks x Vans Team Pro Saddle!

So we have them in stock! Only three available to us, the boss (me) gets first dibs and the other two might already be sold. Will update later and let you know if there are any up for grabs, but at the very least come by and check it out. These bad boys are going for $320.

Update 12/16: 1, yes ONE, is still available!
Update 12/21: All Sold Out...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Support Small Business Saturday Sale!

Thanks to everyone for making our Friday Sale a success! To keep the ball rolling on sweet new bikes for the holiday season, we will be offering a special Saturday only deal.

Saturday Novemeber 27th from 11am-6pm, save 10% off of all complete bicycles including clearance price bikes already marked down 10-30%! And if you purchase a complete bicycle, you can still save 10% on any accessories at the same time.

Still some great deals to be had on leftover models, and dozens of 2011 bikes that have just arrived.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday Sale! Introducing 2011 Models!!!

So while we are all stuffing ourselves for the holiday, I just wanted to say thanks to you all for the love and support over the past 5 years! We certainly couldn't do it without you.

In turn we are offering a rare opportunity to save at least 10% on everything STOREWIDE this Friday only. We already have many models of bicycles on sale 10-30%, this means saving an additional 10% off of those bikes for one day only. We also have already discounted Lazer helmets up to 20% off, save an extra 10% on those as well.

And, if you purchase any complete bicycle on Friday, receive 20% off of any accessories at the same time. Yeah, that's what I said, get a new bike @ 10% off and recieve 20% off all of you accessories.

To make the deal even sweeter, we have just recieved 4 new 2011 models this week, you will save some big money on these as well.

Fuji Track 2.0, race ready track machine (MSRP $1150) in stock for $950. Save an additional 10% this Friday only.

SE Big Ripper, 29" BigMX Cruiser (MSRP $640) in stock for $500. Save an additional 10% this Friday only.

Haro Projekt, BMX inspired urban fixed gear/single speed for only $350 (includes SS freewheel) Save an additional 10% this Friday only.

SE Draft Lite, our entry level urban fixed gear/single speed (MSRP $360) in stock for $300. Save an additional 10% this Friday only.

So there it is.

10% off all merchandise this Friday ONLY, on top of already discounted prices.
And with the purchase of any complete bicycle @ 10% off, save 20% off of any accessories at the same time!

Open friday 11am-7pm, plenty of time for y'all to get your asses up and at em'

Gobble Gobble!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In Your Face! Portraits from the Expo.

Best part about events like this is how it brings everybody together.
I think it is really all about strengthening the community.
Some pictures I snapped of my friends, colorful characters to say the least.






I thought this was an appropriate soundtrack for these photos, HAHA!

More Expo Trick Jam: Adam's Pics

My buddy Adam Nordmeyer also grabbed some nice pics from the Trick Jam Saturday, more on his FB HERE.

Making it official, SWEATHOGS!

Drew getting some air over the hip.

Dr. Fast throwing a Bar-Hop.

Sean throwing Bars over the hip.

Carl about to run Adam over coming off the grindbox!

Thanks for the pics Adam.

Philly Bike Expo Trick Jam: Gary's Pics

Saturday was a ton of fun, so many pics popping up already. Gary Wilpizeski shot some great ones, see the set on his FLICKR HERE.

Tony on the hip.

Jambox hittin' the grindbox!

Carl "white boy wheelie"!

John bustin' up Drew's bike.

Sweathogs keepin' it classy!

Thanks to Gary for the awesome pics.

Stay tunes for more about the expo as I sift through the MANY MANY photos...

Prolly has already posted about two dozen times about the Philly Bike Expo, but I am sure there is still more to show y'all.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tony Smash!

The Sweathogs came through BIG TIME! This is what happens when you get a bunch of dudes together, some beer, and scrap wood. Philly Bike Expo Saturday and Sunday, BE THERE!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Philly Bike Expo, Saturday October 30th Trick Jam!

As seen on PINP, we are organizing a Fixed Gear Trick Jam (not contest) on Saturday October 30th at 1pm, and hopefully a second session at 3pm. As our small contribution to the Philly Bike Expo.
Lots of stuff happening all weekend, including the swapmeet on Sunday. We are cleaning out some oldies but goodies, be sure to get there early!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Goodies From Brooks

Still sifting through photos from the Inter-Bike trade show. Here are some lovely new offerings from Brooks that we will be receiving in a few weeks hopefully.

Candy colored Colt saddles, they are also doing an assortment of B-17's in colors this year.

Here are the "Organic Leather" saddles, new vegetable oil treatment for the saddles. They definitely have a unique look, wonder if they will feel any different?

Here is a close shot of the Navy B-17, very classy!

So excited to be getting in the newest goodies, keep posted for a mid november arrival. If you can imagine how big my Brooks order is this year, so many new and improved products, I had to get at least one of each...