Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cj's New Charge Scissor Build

This is the first complete Charge Scissor build we have done yet. Cj bought a Surly Steamroller from us just a little while ago and decided to go for a custom fixed gear freestyle machine to celebrate the summer of 2010.

White B-43's Fuzzy-Built to order on gold All-City hubs. White Demolition Medial cranks. Demolition Pivotal Seatpost and Volume Saddle.

Atomlab Pimp lite stem and FUNN 3" risers, FSA threadless headset.

A solid build if I do say so myself. He picked up some new Lockdown straps in the Scissor Colorway.

He looks really happy doesn't he? No, he is frickin' STOKED! Thanks Cj, enjoy the new ride.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Affinity LoPro V-4.5...

So I might not have time to build my new All-City Dropout just yet. But I swapped some stuff around on my LoPro yesterday just to try something "different".

All of my bikes have become fixed gear cruisers of some sort, my "Old Man Bike" collection has become quite extensive. After riding my Cinelli a couple of weeks ago I was inspired to make my LoPro "Go Fast".

I pulled the wheels off of my Obey, they are much lighter than the 48h B-43's I had on here originally. The Velocity Aero rim is so light, very quick to accelerate, yet solid and predictable. I Installed a pair of Hutchinson Intensive 700x25 tires, durable yet light and fast.

Finished it off with some Syntace Bullhorn handlebars that I had yet to like on any of my bikes so far. Oh yeah, a new set of Eastern pedals with some Lockdown Straps because I am loving them so. I think this is my favorite version of this bike so far.

I might be old, but I will always be young at heart. I really enjoy ripping through the streets, especially when I am all alone. It reminds me of the old days, young and dumb and fast as hell.

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Mark-Matt's" New Dropout!

Finished another Dropout build for "Mark-Matt" today. I have been running behind on the custom builds now that the weather has gotten 10-20 degrees warmer. But I managed to get this one finished right at the end of the day.

It came together really nicely. I am really excited to be getting these bikes out on the streets for spring. It is going to be a fun summer of riding and hanging out with homey's.

I know he is going to be out at Water Street this week, at least he better be!

Look how happy he is, totally worth the crazed bike building session today. Even with the rainy day last minute photos it looks sweet. Hopefully tomorrow I can grab some more outside shots of them together. Thanks Mark!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Drew's New All-City Dropout!

Just finished building up Drew's Dropout. Looking forward to getting some rider feedback about the design.

I got confused and put his chainwheel on the wrong side, oops...

We set him up on the Large and he has tons of pedal clearance.

We managed to squeeze some 700x40's on it.

That is tight! Can't wait to see him riding it next week at Water Street.

All-City Dropouts are here!

We got em this morning! Now I have 3 to build asap.

If you would like to claim yours, this is the time to do it.

Frame and fork $525. Black Limited Edition Anti-Colorway Small, Medium & Large.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

RE Load Lockdown Straps Now In Stock!

We got em! Two color ways so far, should have another later this week and maybe get an order of custom shop color in the works...

Tony Fast's New Cinelli Mash!

So Tony has been bugging me to get him a Mash frame for a couple of weeks. I was out of stock as was Cinelli-Usa. I told him I'd get him one ASAP.

It arrived yesterday, and Tony shows up at 5pm asking if I could just throw it together for him real quick with the parts from his Fuji. Hahaha, I made him come back in the morning so I could do it up proper.

We cleaned up his old parts and put them on the Cinelli. Straightened out his bent saddle a little and He was good to go.

Except for those wheels, can take responsibility for those. I think they are butt ugly, at least I trued them...

And then I pee'd on it just to baptize it for him. Thanks Tony, enjoy your new go "fast" whip!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cinelli Gazzetta Frame Sets!

Just received a handful of the new Cinelli Gazzetta Framesets.

This latest offering from Cinelli sells for $700. Tig welded Columbus tubing. Some nice simple accents and details. Like this integrated seat collar, with star decal accents.

Tapered fork legs with beveled "crown"

Brushed stainless steel dropout faces.

Just the Dark Grey color for now. Hopefully we will get some of the other colors as the season progresses. Come check them out!

Charge Bucket Seats!

Just received our first order of the Charge Bucket Seat. Nice colors and finishes.

Based on the classic Turbo saddle with comfort and style.

Pink, Brown, Green, White, Orange, Black.

All for only $25 each.

Candy Cranks Chain Rings

Stumbled into the Candy Cranks website last night while reading Prolly's blog. Some nice machined chainrings. Lots of sizes and colors.

I emailed with a nice lady named Meg that is going to get us hooked up with some rings. They ship from down under, so they are a little pricey. But compared to sugino, campy, shimano, it's not bad. And with so many options you really can't complain.

It reminds me of the pantographed parts of days gone by. If there is something you really want, let me know. I'm going to put an order together today or tomorrow.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunny Sunday Ride On My Cinelli

I built up my Cinelli Super-Corsa Pista last year, it was a slow project and I had yet to take it out for a ride before the weather went south for the winter. Finally the sun decided to visit us again and I had a few hours Sunday afternoon to go play and I decided to take her out for the maiden voyage. I rode out to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to watch the tourists run up the "Rocky Steps".

Rolled through Love Park, such a beautiful view through the statue down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway with the museum in the background.

Then rolled south down Broad St. to check out a little bike swap meet happening outside of MIke's Bikes. And then visited my friend Elissa at her store, Nice Things. The mural is in her back yard, a couple of old heads painted it for her it makes for a nice backdrop.

Looking forward to getting it out a lot more this year. I have collected the bits and pieces for years, it was really nice to ride them all together on such a beautiful frame. I will take some more detailed pics later and give you the full tour and background stories about some of the parts.

T-Town Crash caught on Camera!

Someone posted video from a crash they were involved in at the Lehigh Valley Velodrome in Trexlertown Pa last May. Amazing that they were racing with a camera in the first place, and to be involved in a crash while filming is just epic.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Phil Wood, Rest in Peace

The founder and namesake Phil Wood passed away yesterday at the age of 84. His contribution to the world of cycling will not be forgotten. I am lucky enough to have quite a collection of hubs and bottom brackets and one of my prized possessions, my Phil Spoke Machine. I build a lot of wheels, and I would be lost without it.

I never met the man, but I am forever in his debt. Rest in peace Phil.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

RE Load Maypril Fools Fun Ride Saturday May 15th

It is on! Go here for pre-registration. There are some plans in the works to make this a full weekend of events. Bicycle Revolutions will be a contributing sponsor, might be a freshly strung set of hoops for some lucky winner...

Fabric Horse Moving Sale!

We are sorry to hear that they have to vacate their space after only a year at the Piazza. But Fabric Horse is making the best of it. Great deals and good times, help Carrie clean out the shop to make her move back in with RE Load a little easier.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

That's a Lot of Helmets

Our Spring order of Bern helmets just arrived. We have a heck of a lot of them! Men's Brentwood sizes small through double extra-large in black, gray with a black stripe and white and women's Berkeley sizes extra-small through large in black, white, and black with a gray and blue stripe have all arrived. We are still waiting on the women's blue but they should be here soon. We also have a few of these for the kids, black, red with a white stripe and pink if you have a little one (or a little head).

Gotta protect that noggin, it's important! And if you can look a little bit less nerd-asaurus rex while doing it - bonus. Oh and if no one hears from me in a little bit, send help! I might be buried underneath the piles.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sprint Jawns, For The Jawns: Flashdance!

It's ladies night, Friday March 12th 9pm-11pm @ Marbar 40th and Walnut St. Show your love for the PBMA and the Ladies. More rad prizes from Bicycle Revolutions, Cadence Clothing, and Cantina Dos Segundos. I will not be racing Dailey for this edition of the Sprint Jawns...