Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014 Salsa El Mariachis are here!

Getting 2014 Salsa bikes in, they have updated the geometry and parts spec and they are looking sweet!

The El Mar Single Speed for $1399.

And the El Mar 2 for $2299.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

New from Chrome

We just got in some new and limited edition bags from Chrome. You should probably get one of these.

First up is the  SALVAGE AIRBAG CITIZEN. This is a super limited item. Only 200 of these were available worldwide. They are made with reclaimed pre-consumer airbags dyed a nice olive shade. Each bag is unique, numbered and made in the US. They are sold out on the Chrome site, but we just got 2 in, so hurry up!

Also in the shop in the newly redesigned WARSAW II BACKPACK. It is part of the pro series of bags so it is a beast. It is big, but has compression straps so you can cinch it down. They improved the shoulder straps, made the dimensions more convenient and added a bunch of handy pockets. There is a manifest pocket that doesn't require opening the bag to get to, a tool pocket on the bottom of the bag, and a sneaky hidden spot too - shhh. And yes, it too is made in the US.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Shop open today 11-4!

"We are open today!
stop on by for a little holiday cheer. "

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gift Guide - Yankee Swapables - under $20!

Sometimes you just need something inexpensive for a Yankee Swap, one last stocking stuffer or the occasional "I like you neighbor, thanks for not calling the cops on my party that time" gift. The little thoughtful and useful presents can be the best kind, but can also be the hardest kind to think of. It's getting down to the wire guys, so here are our most fun small items to help you in your holiday hunting.

Knog Strobe - $15 each
These clever little lights are perfect gifts. They can be swapped from bike to bike with no brackets (no setup!), come in a bunch of colors and we have both front and rear versions. Fun and really useful at the same time.

Sock Guy Socks - $10 to $13
Socks! Every dad's favorite present, but these are all so funny that you can probably get away with getting them for anyone you're shopping for. From unicorns farting rainbows to "I'm with awesome ↑" to tuxedos for your feet, they're thoroughly ridiculous. Made in the USA and both synthetic and wool versions are available.

Fiks Reflective reflective stickers - $4 to $14
I realize reflective stickers sounds fairly lame, but it's only because you're imagining the beat up grey reflective dots right? These are way more interesting. They come in a bunch of colors, all of which glow impressively well (we tested them... a lot) and they're cut into some cool shapes too so it won't be so obvious they're a safety feature when your friend is riding around during the day.

Incredibell Omnibell bike bell -$15
Bike bells never stop being cute and amusing, but sometimes they just aren't that good at being bells. All form no function, you could end up with a hamburger on your handlebars that's funny, but doesn't make a sound or you just can't reach the trigger the way it's designed . Well Omnibell is here to save the day. It has an adjustable band clamp that can fit all handlebars from 22mm to 31.8mm (all of them) and the trigger can be swiveled 360 degrees so you can put it exactly where you want it. It's not too large, has a super loud but friendly ring and is really easy to install.

SKS X-tra Dry fender - $18
This may not be the most glamorous gift, but it will prevent very unglamorous things from happening to your friend's back end if they ride on a rainy day or through a puddle. This fender attaches to your bike's seatpost so it works with all kinds of bikes, is very easily adjusted and only needs to be set up once (if you've made anything from IKEA you have the tool you need). It also has a quick release so you can take it off on those nice sunny days. What better way to say "Babe, I love your bum" than by keeping it dry and free of street filth?

So there it is, our gift guides have drawn to a close and we hope they've helped you all out! If you come in anytime between now and the holiday we'll have a nice little "Plenty Under Twenty" stocking stuffer display by the register with a bunch more fun small gift ideas for you. Good luck, we're all in the home stretch now!

New GoCycling Philly gear

New and fun stuff from GoCycling! GoCycling makes high quality city and craft brewery themed cycling apparel. Their gear is both really cool and good for the community because a portion of the proceeds from their line is donated to local non-profit and advocacy programs. We could post real pictures of our stock but what's the fun in that compared to our lovely model Ben Franklin showing it off?
He approves.

We've got socks, jerseys and caps emblazoned with Philly pride, all of which are pretty cool. Come on by to check them out and maybe if you ask nicely we can look up more hilarious Ben Franklin quotes online like "Hunger is the best pickle" and "She laughs at everything you say. Why? Because she has fine teeth."

Turns out Benny was a weird dude.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gift Guide - Bags

Bags. They're one of those things that you use a version of at a borderline absurd frequency without even realizing it. Getting groceries, picking up takeout, commuting with your laptop... there's a bag for that. Coming from someone who rides for transportation year round I can tell you that there are a lot of different riding scenarios you need a bag for. Having the right tool for the job is the difference between feeling like your bag is a good old friend and constantly adjusting and fiddling grumpily while you're riding uncomfortably. There are many styles and brands to choose from, but these few are the best at what they do.

- Traveling Light -
Fabric Horse Halfbelt - $89 (in stock only)
For a second let's just pretend this utility belt isn't the most fun portage option available and just talk about how insanely useful it is. With a u-lock holster sewn in, a cell phone pocket, a flat pocket for cards/IDs and a large pocket for various smallish items, it's absolutely perfect for riding around town when you don't need much with you. The large pocket is the perfect size for two cans of beer (they just fit!), or your lights, a small book to read by the river, a little something to hide in the geocache you're hunting for... the list of silly one off items you could build an adventure around goes on and on. It's also a good option when you're going to be riding to someplace crowded like a show or a bar, no need to make enemies of the people around you with a big unwieldy pack or messenger bag. Another benefit of carrying on you hips? No sweaty back in the summer, or strap tan lines. The whole thing is lined with vinyl so it's waterproof and they come in several sizes and colors varying from neutral to acid trip rainbow. Plus they're made in Philly, pretty cool.

- Everyday Medium Loads -
Chrome Industries Citizen Messenger - $140
The Chrome Industries Citizen messenger bag is by far our most popular messenger bag, and with a hardcore waterproof interior and Chrome's signature quick release seatbelt buckle it's no surprise. This bag can carry up to a 17" laptop and even has internal fasteners so you can secure Chrome's laptop sleeves in place. It also has straps for attaching accessories like cellphone holsters , reflective straps for added visibility and a nice little organizer pocket. As if this all wasn't enough, it comes in a ton of colors, both left and right swing shoulder straps and is made in the USA.

- Your Bike as an SUV -
R.E.Load Midpack - $250
So you have to pick up a 50lb bag of dog food on your way home, or grocery shop for three weeks at once, or you're going to a clothing swap and want to get rid of everything you own... this bag is the one to do the dirty work. The main compartment has a flat pocket that can hold a laptop in a case and an interior organizer pocket that's perfect for multi-tool, flat repair, pens, etc. The large outer pocket is great for carrying anything you don't want buried under your 50lbs of dogfood and the side pockets have mesh bottoms so you don't have puddles from rain or condensation. They're made with 1000D Cordura and some even have Ballistic nylon bottoms to be extra tough, so no need to worry about beating on this bag, that's what it was built for. Lastly, the whole bag is lined with vinyl coated nylon so it's waterproof.  *Also of similar size and hardcore-ness is the medium Flight Pack, who's little sibling is reviewed here.*

- Inconspicuous Portage -
Fabric Horse Weekend BD Tote -  $120
While it's really nice to have a tough as nails cycling bag, sometimes what you need is a tough as nails bag that looks a little less, well, athletic. Have no fear, we have just the right bag for you. This tote is made of waxed canvas so it's classy looking, but also weather resistant which is always a good thing if you're out in the elements, plus it has a waterproof vinyl lining. It comes with a removable cross body shoulder strap, has four interior pockets, one exterior pocket and a D-ring for attaching a carabiner. Zip this baby closed, put it in your Wald front rack and ride off into the sunset.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Gift Guide - Everyone likes drinking liquids, right?

Drinking while moving, it has never been my forte. Walking down the hallway in high school I used to spill Citra (so bad, so good, so dated) down the front of myself practically daily. Lucky for me I'm not the only spill prone human on Earth and in the past few years the anti-spillage designs for drinking while moving have gotten pretty dialed in. So considering how often people would like to drink while riding their bikes it seemed only fitting to list out the best of the best in drinking during riding related adventure. Whether it's a cold drink on a hot day, hot drink on a cold day, or a drink drink because you and your friends like to live dangerously, we have got the goods.

- Keep it cool or keep it warm -
The CamelBak Podium Chill is an insulated bottle with CamelBak's super convenient "self sealing Jet Valve" tip. Basically that means the spout is always closed so it won't spill and all you have to do to get a sip is squeeze the bottle. Think of the way a Heinz ketchup tip works, it works really well. There's also the Nathan Fire and Ice bottle. This bottle is insulated, has the standard water bottle tip and the entire thing is reflective. Just by carrying it on your bike you have a little extra visibility which is never a bad thing, right? Both bottles are $12 each and come in various colors.

- Keep it hot or keep it cold -
Stanley really thought this stainless steel vac-insulated mug out for cyclists. Not only is it specifically designed to jive perfectly with the shape of a standard metal bottle cage, but it also is designed to be used with just one hand. Awesome. We also have the Klean Kanteen insulated thermos. It's made with food grade stainless steel, fits 20oz of liquid and while we only have the standard screw off cap, Klean Kanteen makes a cap that turns it into a travel mug. Both thermoses keep hot things hot for 6 hours, cold stuff cold for 24 and are $30 each.

- Carry your coffee a few blocks to work -
Here it is, a cup holder for your bike. PDW designed the Bar-ista with the same taper as your standard disposable coffee cup and lined it with some grippy foam to keep your drink where it belongs; an inch from your hand at all times. For $18 it's a good deal and your favorite caffeine addicted friend will love you daily forever.

- Fun on the run -
No, your eyes did not deceive you when you looked at that last picture, we have a bottle cage boss mounted FLASK CAGE. You're kidding right? How fun is that? Throw a tin of sardines in your jersey pocket, fill up your flask and roll out to get lost in the woods with some friends. Ahearne Cycles Spaceman Bicycle Flask Holster ($40) will do the heavy lifting for you and can fit both 6 and 8oz flasks. If you've got a flask you're halfway there, and if you don't we have some 6oz Surly ones for $40.

Who knew drinking on a bike could have so many options?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gift Guide - Rescue Roll!

If there's one thing all cyclists dread, it's being caught out and stranded by a flat tire. The second you realize that sound you hear is all the air rushing out of your tube it's like a punch in the gut every time. It blows, literally and figuratively. As much as I myself don't like getting flats, you know who likes the idea of me getting a flat somewhere weird even less?

My Mom.

If my mom went into a bike shop trying to find something to get me, I'd like to think whoever was working would help her build this little rescue kit for me, the girl who's never going to be anything but a silly 8 year old in her eyes. This is a gift that both the gift giver and the gift getter get something from; some self sufficiency on the road for the gift getter, and a little peace of mind for Mom/you.

To get that tire and rotten tube off the bike, fixed up and back on the bike you're going to need a few tools...
Tire Levers - 2 for $3 -
Here at the shop our favorites are the Pedro's plastic composite tire levers. They're super cheap, super sturdy and come in 4 fun colors.

Hand Pump or CO2 Inflator - $22 and $25 -
The Crank Brothers Power Pump Ultra is a good hand pump because it's pretty small, it works with both Schrader and Presta valves (so you can't get the wrong thing) and it can switch between high volume and high pressure which is really helpful. Then there's the PDW Shiny Object CO2 inflator. It's cool because it's smaller and less laborious to use than a hand pump, and it comes with a cartridge in a reuseable leather sheath so you can be fancy. The cartridges are single use though so it produces more waste and they're $3-$4 each. It depends on what you're into but both are definitely good options.

Patch Kit or Replacement Tube - $3 to $6 -
If you know the size tire your daughter's/friend's/dad's bike has, getting a tube is the way to go. They can always patch the damaged tube later in the comfort of their own home. However, if you're not so sure, a patch kit is definitely always a safe bet. Really, even if you know what tube they use it's always good to have a patch kit handy.

Now that you've got all the rad stuff you need for your loved one to rescue themselves, you need something to put it in that will always be with the bike right? Enter the R.E.Load Saddle Roll.
This saddle roll is legit. Since it's a roll and not a standard saddle bag (which has a very finite amount of space), it can be stuffed super full or cinched down when not carrying as much. In these pics it's wrapped up with all the tools listed up top, it fits everything perfectly. Strap it to the rails under your saddle and you're set. They're made right here in good old Philly, too. $40 and you'll be supporting two small local businesses and getting a really awesome product. Everyone wins.
So there it is, rescue in a roll! If you come in one of us can help you pick out the goods and we can show you even more options than the ones listed here. It's a really easy gift to tailor perfectly to the person you're getting it for, and for $68 to $77 (depending on the options listed here) it's got pretty great bang-for-your-buck factor too. Plus who doesn't like saving the day for their friends and family?

Monday, December 9, 2013

High Low Gift Guide - Grips

Grips, a cyclist's most tactile contact point on a bike. Having the right grips on your bike can make riding so much more comfortable, and having worn out grips is awful. In the summer you don't want your hands to slip around in humid sweaty weather and in the winter you'd like to have a good grip with gloves of all kinds. They come in all sorts of colors, materials and styles so they're the perfect low commitment way to add flash to you or your friend's bike. Another benefit of adding something unique and bold to your bike? It makes your bike more recognizable and therefore less appealing to the thief scoping the street looking for a bike to steal. Cool right?

We stock a serious number of grip styles and colors, from stars to skulls, neon to fake wood or cork, we've got it covered. Here are a few of the all stars.

- High -
Brooks Slender Leather Grips - $90
These Brooks leather grips are definitely luxury when it comes to grips. They're made from the same high quality vegetable tanned leather Brooks uses for their saddles and are designed to be easily taken apart and reassembled if you ever want to replace the leather tape. The leather itself will never feel too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, it wears well and comes in a plethora of colors. Black, brown, honey, red, turquoise, ochre, raspberry and a few more... there's a color to compliment just about any bike.

- Low-
ODI Longnecks - $15
The ODI Longneck grip is one of our most popular grips, and for good reason. They're inexpensive, hold up well and come in 11 colors, from basic to super bright ie: they're fun! These grips are extra long and can be easily cut down to suit just about any sizing need. The rubber compound they're made of is both durable and comfortable, taking the jolts of the road so your hands don't have to, plus the "collapsible rib pattern" makes it feel kind of like they were designed just for your hand. You're just going to have to come in and squeeze a few to see what I mean. Now get your mind out of the gutter!

ESI Chunky - $20
The ESI Chunky grips are no frills, all function grips. They're 100% silicone, are very shock absorbent and hold up surprisingly well over time. Being silicone, they're non-porous and provide great grip in wet and dry conditions. Unlike the grips you probably had on your bike when you were 10, these will never get gummy and gross. As soon as they start looking a little dirty just wipe them down and they look practically new. They also come in extra chunky if you prefer a larger grip.

So there it is, give the gift of both flash and comfort this year with a bike grip stocking stuffer!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

SsCxWc Philly: Friday Night, Bandit Cross!

Born from the cold heart of Minnesota, All-City Cycles and Bicycle Revolutions present Bandit Cross Philly to help kick off the SSCXWC13!

Details HERE

High Low Gift Guide - Gilets

Alright, so this isn't so much High vs Low so much as Hardcore vs Convenience. Gilet is just a fancy french word for vest, and gilets have a pretty solid place in any cyclist's repertoire. Let's see how many more french words I can sneak into this post...

Endura Windchill II gilet - $100
The Windchill II gilet is just about as sturdy and utilitarian as you can find. It has a wind and waterproof softshell front and thermal sides and back making it great for keeping your core warm. On the front is a zip chest pocket complete with a tethered glasses cleaning cloth and an internal media port aka hole for your headphones cord.
On the back are the standard three rear pockets along with a small waterproof zip pocket for keys/phone/what have you. Last and most amusing is the reflective strip right on your rear because let's be real, your backend is 90% of what anyone behind you is going to be seeing. Good thinking Endura!

Endura Pakagilet - $60
Now for the Pakagilet. Endura knows that weather changes and no one wants to be caught out with too much or too little gear, so they made a gilet of super lightweight showerproof ripstop fabric that can pack into a tiny attached pouch and fit in your jersey pocket or bag (see model's right hand). Smaller than a pounder of Narragansett, it packs a punch but won't give you a headache in the morning. Also, I know what you might be thinking "Yes, my entire winter coat was supposed to fit into its own pocket, we all know how that turned out." Untrue with this, it actually functions really well and easily. If you stop in you're more than welcome to try it for yourself.
It has side vents, a nice mesh panel on the back to help regulate body temperature and hidden jersey pocket access. And let us not forget, a reflective strip on the rear. Available in both high viz and more demure colors, as well as in women's sizing. All in all, I have to say it has a certain je ne sais quoi, plus it rates pretty high in stocking stuffability.