Sunday, April 17, 2011

5th Birthday/Grand Re-Opening Party! Saturday April 23rd 7-10pm

It is that time of year again! The shop is celebrating it's 5th birthday party and having its grand re-opening. Time to gather all of our friends and family to laugh, tell stories, celebrate 5 great years, and dream of many more to come.
The party is Saturday April 23rd from 7-10pm. Please join us for a few, and check out the new space if you haven't gotten a chance to see it already.
We are looking forward to seeing you all there.

My New Ride: All-City ZONA Nature Boy Prototype!

Now that I am starting to get settled in, and catching up on projects, I had some time this week to work on a little something for myself.
A few months ago I had received a special delivery from my good friends at All-City Cycles. It was a prototype Nature Boy frameset, made with Columbus Zona steel tubing. Something a little lighter and facier than the standard NB frameset that I wiped out on during the Bilenky Junkyard race and broke myself...
I decided to start from scratch with this build and do something a little fancier than with my previous NB build.
I managed to get out for a quick (windy) ride on it today, and did get it good and dirty. More to come about this as I get some more miles on it, but for now enjoy some pics of the fresh build.

Mark's New Royal H

One of our customers just got himself a new Royal H, you might have seen it before HERE. When Mark asked me if he could have it shipped to our shop to have it reassembled I was stoked. Just the chance to see it in person and get my hands it was very exciting. And we happen to be about the same size, so I'd have to test ride it right.

So glad we could have even a small part in helping him out with his newest bike, he looks pretty happy to me. We will have to get him out for a nice spring fixed gear ride very soon.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Shop: Setting up my studio!

One of the perks of moving and starting off with a clean slate is being able to design the space to better suit our current needs. I originally designed a very compact service area with only 2 repair stands and a single bench and wall of tools, remember I was working alone. Now we have a whopping 4 stands and 3 benches in the main service area!

And now, I have the luxury of being able to set up my own private studio. So when I am working on your new custom wheels or bike I can sit and focus on it while not being in the way of everybody else.

It is starting to feel like home.