Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hannah's Pretty Pink Pacer

Surly Pacer, custom powder coated in Light Pink! We love doing custom and semi-custom Surlys, and this is why. You take something already great and make it AWESOME!

Meghan and Gary's new roommate and fellow Rhode Island defector Hannah needed a new roadie and the Pacer was just what she was looking for. A few minor alterations and wahlah, fancy new "custom" road bike.

Our man Jason hooked up the pink powder. Upgraded to some rugged Conti Ultra Gator Hardshell tires and a Brooks Professional "S" in honey. Topped off with some "natural cork" tape and MKS pedals and clips, VO straps.

Almost looks too good to let this one go! I know I have enough pretty bikes already, but...

Many Happy Miles Hannah!

Bitchin' NS Analog Cruiser!

So I have yet to post anything about the NS Analog frame that we get into stock a while back. Soap wanted to build his lady friend Summer a new bike after she had a "minor" incident a few weeks ago...
Decided on the Analog frame set to build her a new bad ass coaster brake townie! Also adding to the mix, the Dirty Dog Monkey Skull stem that I have had in my "Candy Case" for years now.

Monkey Skull, Pink Accents and Coaster Brake Crusin' along!

A couple of parts saved from her black and green machine, but mostly starting over from scratch on this one.

And it has full bar spin clearance as well.

Just a reminder that the ever popular fixed gear freestyle frame designs are not limited to the tricksters. They can still be fun versatile city cruisers. Which is really the goal in the first place isn't it?

I think Soap really digs it, I hope Summer does too. Ride safe and don't forget your helmet!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My All-City Big Block

I always try to build up new frames to ride so that I can give real feedback and show some of non-stock options for custom builds. The All-City Big Block was long overdue for some miles.

I got this one built up just in time for the Rocky 8 race and figured it would be a perfect road test for this street machine.

Choosing some new but classically designed components and using some old faithful wheels to get it rolling.

The IRD Defiant crankset is a perfect nod to the Campy Nuovo Record Pista cranks, solid clean and simple at an affordable price ($160). For comfort and convenience I went with the Eastern PC platform pedal with some RE Load Lockdown Jawns. The Thickslick ($30) tire is by Freedom, WTB's new urban brand, which proved to be a great tire for the day. Great traction and super puncture and pinch resistance.

The Selle Italia Turbo saddle ($60) was super comfy and durable despite all of the rain and thrashing throughout the day. The Velo-Orange seatpost looks great and provides a bit more set back to get you over the back wheel a little more for power in the saddle.

Keeping in the theme of shiny new parts I have the Velo-Orange sealed bearing headset, VO 17 degree Stem and Cromo Deda Velocita handlebars.

The bike is a perfect urban fixed gear with enough versatility to keep you rolling through the winter on some cross tires as well as racing all summer at the velodrome.

I am going to be lacing up some new wheels just for this bike as I have already swapped these onto my new All-City Nature Boy. All-City New Sheriff hubs to Velo-Orange PBP rims, all shiny and silver, I will definitely get some more pics up as soon as I get them done, in my spare time...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guess How Much?

We were overdue on a trip to the rubber recycler, fortunately my ol' pal John helped us out with his Big Ass Dump Truck! Loaded it all up and he dropped it off at the recycler early Monday Morning.

The most we had ever taken at one time was about 500lbs. This load was 900lbs! All of your discarded and destroyed tires and tubes will find a new purpose on highways and playgrounds and railroads across the country.