Sunday, February 28, 2010

Salsa Casseroll Custom Single Speed Townie

I have been wanting to customize the Salsa Casseroll single speed since we started carrying them. This winter with all of the snow we managed to make it happen. It is a nice simple build to begin with, allowing for some nice personal touches.

Some alloy touring bars for an upright comfy riding postion. Brooks B-17 was very necessary, Portland Design works leather grips and the Gamoh front rack, all add some fashionable and functional style.

Yes you can carry and open beer with the Gamoh rack!

Some nice Planet Bike fenders in brown with some skinwall Panaracer Pasela Tourguard tires.

This bike was originally selling for $890 stock, Salsa had dropped the price at the end of the year to $760. This custom version with all of the bells and whistles is $1065. This one is a 51cm, which in Salsa geometry fits like a 54cm (semi-compact geo.) but we do have a smaller one and a bigger one left that we could also customize just for you!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

She Rides Again!

So about 10 years ago I built Heather a Surly Crosscheck for Christmas. A year or so ago I had her frame retrofitted with S&S couplers when I built a Traveler's Check for myself so that we can travel with our bikes.

We shipped off to Jamaica for our maiden voyage of our S&S equipped bicycles. And then we got evacuated from our hotel because hurricane Paloma was kicking some major ass!

Needless to say her sparkly red bike took quite a beating while being pummeled by 30-40 foot waves. Salt water and bicycles are not a good combination. So after procrastinating about a year on rebuilding her bike (sorry babe) SHE RIDES AGAIN! Sparkly red and pretty in pink. Mistakes were made and lessons learned.

Party Time! Thanks for coming out last night.

We are really happy that everybody could make it out despite the weather. So good to see friendly faces again, it's been a long cold winter.

There was pizza, trying to get Nate to fill out his sister's jeans...

I "tattooed" Matty, our favorite sales slut.

Just about everybody showed up, who wasn't going to NAHBS.

Even got the Old Heads to turn up, got to show these younginz how it's done. I think we planned a Veteran's Alley Cat for spring time, I better start training I think I said I was going to win. At least the last time I said that, I did!
Good times, it was really good to see everybody last night and kick off our art series for 2010. See you at the next opening...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Opening Party - Tonight

Just a reminder that we are having an opening for Wojo's photos tonight.

We are tired of being cooped up due to inclement weather and have decided that the show must go on! So come on out after 7:00 tonight and have a beer, a slice, and look at some purty pictures.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Surly Fixed Gear Disc Brake Rack Bike

One of my many personal projects that usually evolve around some obscure part or idea that I need to get out of my brain and into the world. This one started out in an entirely different direction, but once I got my hands on that Civia Bamboo front rack it found a new purpose. A very special purpose.

So it is now my fixed gear, old man bike complete with front cargo rack and front disc brake. Brooks B-68 saddle with tool bag and some nice Portland Design Works Bamboo grips finish out the cockpit.

Velocity Chukkers dressed in Soma New Express 700x35 tires, laced to Surly hubs. And some Profile Race cranks with Volume Krull Spider, with Sun-Ringle ZuZu pedals with Holdfast straps.

The Civia Bamboo front rack with the Civia fork which is what inspired the front disc brake, 185mm Avid BB7. Some Nice swept back handlebars and upright stem to keep my old bones comfortable.

So now I can grab a case of beer or some groceries, maybe a big bag of dog food in comfort and style. And it is just fun to ride

Monday, February 22, 2010

All-City Frostbike Sneak Peaks

I have been hearing that All-City was going to be showing some new goodies at Frostbike, this is amazing. Thanks to Prolly for the heads up, pics of this new project were hanging out in the All-City Flikr. Jeff is probably trying to recover from Frostbike before he reveals all of the goodies to the rest of the world. This bike looks great, can't wait to get more info.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sprint Jawns, The Hangover Edition...

So Big Brad decided to race wearing his socks and underwear

and he won his race.

Nate and Carl going toe to toe

Nate digging deep, but Carl kept his cool for the win.

And in the 3rd installment of Fuzzy vs. Dailey, Fuzzy takes it for 2 out of 3 wins. Thanks for the fun and exciting challenge, maybe when it gets warm we can just go for a bike ride outside!

Many thanks to the Philly BMA for putting together a fun weekend of events, bringing everyone together having a good time. Good job kids!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Philadelphia Bike Messenger Association Winter Formal Tonight!

Show your support for the PBMA and get dressed up all fancy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bicycles + Art

We have been neglecting the art portion of our bicycles*art*culture identity for too long. But we have good news, this is the month that we get back on track! We will be hosting an opening on Friday, February 26th at 7:00 at the shop. 

We are excited to be showing Wojo's photographs this month.
Wojo has been taking photos in philly for like 20 years. He has ridden his bike all over the damn place, touring cross country and documenting his wacky adventures with his camera. He is one of those characters that exists at that sweet spot where philadelphia's cycling and arts community intersect. That little corner of the world that is why we do what we do and how the idea for Bicycle Revolutions sprouted.

He recently took some great pictures of the shop for us and we love them.

So if you are available next Friday night (2/26) come by after 7:00 and see the art, have a beer, and hang out for a while!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

All-City DropOut Limited Edition Anti-Colorway Pics!

Jeff from All-City just posted some PICS here! A little preview of the Frostbike goodies, sorry I won't be making it out this year I figure we have enough snow here in Philly I don't need to go visit the snow in Minnesota. We are about a month away from the Dropout Ltd. release, I think it looks great.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Somebody must Love me!

So I had been admiring the new woodgrain bags from RELoad and saying how maybe I'd like to get one custom. When it comes to custom bags it takes me forever to decide what I want because there are just too many options. So my Lovely Wife decided to be sneaky and have Roland make this for me as a surprise. Staying in the theme of the shop colors he did an awesome job! So YAY for me and my new bag!!!

First Piece Of The Puzzle...

Making preparations for my next personal project. These hubs are the foundation on which it will be built. The frame is part of a unique collaboration we are doing with Affinity from Brooklyn, more on that later...
I have certainly developed a tendency to build some very over the top bikes, especially for myself. But this one is going to be very simple and traditional, I can't wait.

Sprint Jawns! Sunday February 21st 2pm-7pm

It's that time again. Sprint Jawns this Sunday at the Khyber, 2nd and Chestnut St. The Hangover edition! For all you kids still hurtin from the winter formal to get your lazy asses up and moving. The sprints will be new and improved with 2 new bikes by BICYCLE REVOLUTIONS and Fuji Bikes.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

25.4 Clamp Diameter Handlebars and Stems!

Spank Tweet Tweet 6061 Alloy Riser Bars 2" and 3" Red, Blue and Black $60.

Spank Tweet Tweet Stems 50mm Blue, Orange and Purple $60. Red and Black should be back in stock shortly...

Atom Lab Pimp 4130 Cro-Mo Bars 2" and 3" black in stock for $60.

Atom Lab Pimp Lite Stems Red, Green and Black 53mm for $80.

Some more super tuff bars and stems for you freestyle needs in 25.4 clamp size.

22.2 Clamp Diameter Bars And Stems!

Atom Lab General Issue 4130 Cro-Mo handle bars 1", 2" and 3" for 22.2 Clamp Dia. $40.

And an assortment of BMX style 22.2 clamp dia. stems to go with them, Demolition Stealth and F1 stems in a few colors for $60. Black Ops stems in black and silver for $30. Atom Lab GI Stem for $35.

Plenty of options and combinations for you Freestylin' set up. Go Big or Go Home...

All-City Cogs and Lockrings!

Tastey new treats from All City, Polished Stainless Steel cogs in 16, 17 and 18 teeth for $34.

Black Cro-Mo cogs in 15, 16, 17 and 18 teeth for $20.

Matching Lockrings Polished for $14 and Black for $12.