Monday, September 23, 2013

George Hincatie Tribute Gallery

image As you may know, George Hincatie our devoted shop cat and friend, went to the bike shop in the sky this past weekend. George was always there to help, and whether it was folding shirts, making signs, taking inventory, cleaning the counters, microwaving something or ringing out customers, he was into it 100%. George could often be found spying birds out the front window or sleeping in the most ridiculous places. He was most definitely the king of his domain. With that, we leave you with a photo gallery of George in action.
imageGeorge Hincattie. R.I.P.
George Hincattie. R.I.P.
George Hincattie. R.I.P. George Hincattie. R.I.P.
George Hincattie R.I.P.

George we miss you!

George Hincatie

Oh jeez guys, this is the worst. It is with the heaviest of hearts that we have to report that our beloved shop cat George has passed away.

We sure did our best to make his days with us the best they could be. We will miss him terribly. Thanks to all of you for visiting him, bringing him toys, and generally enjoying his company over the past couple of years.

Rest in peace buddy, you deserve it!