Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Mysterious Door

Guys, there's some for real Alice and Wonderland wrong-sized-door foolishness going on in the shop this week...
We've tunneled into an alternate Bicycle Revolutions universe and before long the shop is going to have a whole new look, but what will it be? ANY GUESSES? What should we do with the mystery room? And what on earth is in there that the ginger bullet so enthralled with in this pic?
Comment below and maybe if you have an awesome enough idea we'll cry and beg the contractors to make it happen. All you can eat taco nook!

New in the Shop: Chrome Knurled Welded Bags

Chrome Industries has just released a new line of bags called the Knurled Welded line. Of the four bags in the line, two are two strap packs and two mount to your bike racks. These bags were designed to be all-weather commuting bags, and Chrome managed to find a way to make them even more waterproof than their other bags which is fairly impressive.
So what exactly does "knurled welded" mean? Well in regular waterproof bags the seams are always the weak link. You can't sew something without punching little holes in it, and little holes aren't exactly great at keeping water from getting places. Chrome and most other bag companies have found clever ways to make the seams all but completely waterproof anyhow, but the knurled welded approach is different. Waterproof fabric is always made of some sort of melt-able material. Knowing that, think about a grilled cheese sandwich. How many times have you tried to peel one of those open after it's been cooked and the cheese is all melty? It isn't coming undone, at all. That thing is fused closed, and no matter how hard you wish you could reposition the slice of tomato in there it's not going anywhere. If you think about it, Grilled Cheese Science makes the perfect waterproof seam and that's exactly what Chrome has done with these bags. Not only did they cook and fuse the seams together like a good old fashioned grilled cheese, they made them slightly textured (or knurled) so they can't pull apart even when a lot of lateral force is applied. Smart and smarter. Add a roll-top and you've got a bag you could fill with iPhones and throw in a river without concern. Ok maybe some concern just because, you know, they might sink.
The attachment system for the rear rack was really straightforward and only minimally fussy to install. Once I got it on there it didn't rattle at all and getting the bag on is really easy but also visibly quite secure. Slap it on and it will silently and securely carry your stuff wherever you go. The tote designed to sit on your front rack is even easier, you just clip it in place with two quick release buckles and you're done. No sweat.

We've got all four bags in store so you can investigate the pretty clever rack attachment system in person. Chrome does it again. Seriously, what crazy utilitarian thing will they make next?