Monday, April 26, 2010

New Batch Of Custom Re Load Lockdown Straps!

Just got our second order of Lockdown straps in this week! We restocked the all black, always a crowd pleaser. Also had them do 4 "Custom" colorways for us.

Khaki with Dark Brown and Kelly Green.

Coffee with Kelly Green and Neon Green.

Black with Grey, I think they might add this as a stock colorway.

And my personal new favorite, Teal with Neon Green.
We are going to get some matching top tube pads to compliment these as well. It is really nice to work with a local manufacturer and get this kind of turn around on custom product.
And Roland even delivered them personally, Thanks!

4 Years Ago Today...

The infamous John Prolly posted his first bike blog about Domino, his new fixed gear bicycle. John has become the go-to guy for fixed gears on the inter-web, and to think it all started with that bike. I know he has learned a few things in the past 4 years, including photographing bicycles from the drive side, and leveling his saddle.
As you probably already know Bicycle Revolutions has just celebrated 4 years of bringing you fine fixed gear bicycles. So I just wanted to share some of the love for fixed gears with John and wish him many more years of blogging success.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Party Time! Thanks for an amazing night.

-Photo By Melissa Rae Kurzenski
Wow, what a night! Thanks to all of you who cam out to show your love. And I will just go ahead and apologize for anything I might have said or done, it was all in good fun...

The cake chef putting on some finishing touches, can't believe they finished assembling it on site.

The Classic Cakes crew isn't fooling around. That cake looked and tasted amazing, stop by tomorrow and help us finish it, please.

-Photo by Mara Moranz
NOM NOM NOM, Heather and I sound like that when we eat cake.

-Photo By Jorge Brito
And Steve just started eating everything in sight, chainrings and all!

The whole cake thing was filmed by Banyan Productions and will be aired on TLC June 11th, mark your calendars. It was such a fun night, can't wait to see what our 5th anniversary party looks like, this one is going to be tough to top.

Also, we spent the day today hanging with Wilis and Mary, check out the story here.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Profile Splined Sprockets Are Here!

We finally got a couple splined sprockets from Profile today! 42 teeth in black and...

36 teeth in silver. I have a few 36 teeth coming in black next week. $80 for either size.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Four Years Ago Today!

4/22/2006: We celebrated the birth of Bicycle Revolutions! The Shop was more or less empty, and I had yet to build the work bench. The pole for the repair stands was installed, it might have looked like a stripper pole. We ate and drank and dreamt about the future. Lots of work and an abundance of love and support have made those dreams a reality. Thanks to all of you who appreciate what we do and inspire us to do more and to do it better.

This is what the "Showroom" looked like that week. And most of the bikes on the wall were mine. I have even more of my own bikes around the shop these days, but we also have a much bigger collection of bikes in stock for you.

That sad rack of jerseys and sparse shelves of clothing (t-shirts) have exploded into what is now the Boutique. The "Candy" case is overflowing with goodies from all the greats. And I have worn a big hole in that step stool from side stressing all of the wheels I build.

A fresh coat of pain, thanks for touching that up Daniel Vitale, and some custom vinyl cut by Gibbs Connors. It was a store, now it has become a family. Thanks so much for being a part of it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Re Load SuperLuxe!

RE Load posted a bunch of new stuff they are working on, but this one really caught my eye. I think it is a really nice combination of their old design and new design. The bag they designed for CMWC Guatemala is great, but the buckle is slick.
I know the kids at RE Load have a lot of work on their hands with all of the new and redesigned products on the table. I really hope Roland has time to ride that fancy new bike of his!

New Affinity Cycles Website and Blog are Live!

And guess who was asked to contribute, ME! Go check it out, looking good. I met Jason back in September at the Interbike trade show and we really hit it off. Not only are we putting out a BRevs-Affinity collaboration frameset, which I promise you will get more info soon, but he invited me to contribute to their blog.
So I made my first post, and I made a conscious effort to take some nice photos for it. I am going to be posting more about my life, cycling culture and the philly scene there. I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us!

Bicycle Revolutions will be turning 4 years old next week. Hard to believe, it has gone by so quickly! To celebrate the occasion we are throwing a big party.
Please join us on Saturday, April 24 at 7:00 for a shindig of epic proportions. There will be drinks of a wide variety - beer, booze type concoctions, and of course non-alcoholic options. We will have snacky food for you to munch on as well. You didn't hear it from me but there might be cake too, like extra special, fancy cake. Just saying . . . There will also be art from the always fabulous Abi Galooza. I have no idea what he is planning, but he is rad so I am sure it will rock.

We will be partying until midnight or when the alcohol runs out. You can find us at 712 South 4th Street, between Bainbridge and Monroe. Please, remember to drink responsibly, no drinking and riding, and no complaining about hangovers. See you there!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Now Carrying Velo Orange Products

I have been seeing some really nice Velo Orange products for a while now. I finally sent them an email about becoming a dealer yesterday. I got a reply with the necessary instructions and next thing ya know, we are a VO dealer!

They are known for classic, simple products. Stuff that would have been easy to find 20 years ago, but now you will pay dearly for on the e-bay.

Being a wheel builder, I was very excited to see their PBP rim. A classic box section rim in polished silver with stainless steel eyelets.

Classic design, quality finish, and affordably priced at $50each. I will be building up a set soon enough, just need to figure out what I am putting them on.

I will post more goodies as we get them unpacked. Stems, Seatposts, Headsets, Bottom Brackets, Racks... Nice stuff.

Roland's Custom Scissor!

Roland finally decided to let me build him a new bike! Maybe he just needed something new to hang his Lockdown straps on.

He just wanted a nice and simple fixed gear with 3" riser handlebar and a little bigger tire than his Bilenky will fit.

I was very happy to get to reciprocate as I finally got a new custom Reload Midpack a little while ago.

He seems pretty excited, it has been a while since he had a NEW bike.

And he did design a stock colorway for the new Lockdown straps to match the Charge Scissor. Enjoy it Ro, and thank you for making nice stuff for me.

Bags? Yeah, we've got those.

My word our bag selection sure has exploded since we opened the boutique!

We are pretty serious about messenger bags – both the single and double strap variety. Almost every bag we stock in the shop is one that we use so we can honestly tell you that we believe in what we sell.  

We try to always stock each bag in black as well as a couple of colors, depending on how popular they are. We  are also happy to order you a specific color if we don’t have it right now. Currently we carry bags from the following excellent companies.

Chrome: Citizen and Metropolis messenger bags, Dually, Ranchero, Backbone, Pawn and Marathon back-packs, Kirov + Berlin pro bags. We also carry the light duty Corsair and Vega as well as laptop sleeves, hip packs, cell holders, and usually one or two of their different laptop specific bags.

BaileyWorks: Super Pro messenger bags in all sizes, the new Digital Super Pro Citizen back-pack, and 2-strap work pack

RELoad: Civilian, Small Civilian and Dash messenger bags. Softpack, minipack and midpack back packs. Hip packs and cell holders and other accessories like frame and shoulder pads and tool rolls are in stock too.

DeMartini: Undisputed Original in all three sizes (S,M,L). We also have a few of the mini bag and the extra small 3605 bags.

We have a few Manhattan Portage bags still in stock. The medium size waxed vintage messenger bag in a couple of colors and the Bike Messenger – large in most colors.

Looking to carry less stuff with you? We have small hip bags/pouches, and utility belts from Fabric Horse, Vaya, and Camp Cupboard (as well as RELoad and Chrome).

Not sure what’s right for you? I strongly recommend coming by and trying a bunch of bags on. Bring the stuff you usually carry and jam it into the bag and see how it fits and if it is comfortable. Everyone’s body is different so it is hard to tell what you are going to love without trying it on. Got questions, or need an opinion about a certain item? Come on in and ask! We all use these bags daily so we can give you our thoughts on what we like and don’t like.

Oh, and messenger bags aren’t just for carrying deliveries, school or work items, groceries, etc. You never know when your 4 legged friend is gonna need a lift (or at least a nice spot to nap)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vittoria Randonneur 700x25 Now In Stock!

We finally received our back-order of 700x25 Rando's, such a good urban/ fixed gear tire for the money. Heavy duty Aramid Endura 3D compound tread with double sheilded puncture protection casing.

Now small enough to fit most track bikes and single speeds, even your roadie if you want some bomb-proof treads. Now in stock for $30 each.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Leah's Big Girl Bike!

For those of you that know Leah, this is not news, but she has a big personality but little tiny legs. She has been riding a bmx bike around town for years, usually chasing us like a hamster in a wheel when we go places together.

This year she decided she needed to get herself a "Big Girl Bike". I, as stated earlier, have had a lot of practice building little bikes. I even had one in Orange, Leah has a mild orange obsession, it matches her 1974 VW bug.

Her only real request was that I use some purple accents. So we customized a 43cm Fuji Track Classic.
Purple sparkly seat, matching chain, and pedals.

Vroom Vroom Leah! Enjoy your sweet new ride.

Caitlin's New Custom Bike!

Caitlin decided it was time to treat herself to a new bike. A really special new bike. I have gotten pretty good with this as Heather is tiny, so little bikes are no problem.

Started out with a 46cm fixed gear frame, smallest I have found with 700c wheels. Caitlin wanted a sparkly purple, so my buddy Jason hooked up some sweet starlight purple powder. Frame, fork, cranks, chainring guard and stem all coated to match.

White wheels custom Fuzzy Built just for Cailtin.

Odyssey Chameleon Platform pedals with purple Holdfast Jawns.

The general consensus at the shop was to accent the frame with the lighter purple tires and grips, they match the pedals very nicely. This was a really fun project for a great little lady. Enjoy it Caitlin! Thanks again.