Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NAHBS 2010

Somehow, even with everyone at the shop wanting to go, including Bryan, I wound up scoring the weekend off to head to Richmond for the Handmade Bicycle show.

It was a great time, and bet that I will do whatever I can to go back next year.

I was terribly excited with the range of skinny tire bikes, and there were more than a few "paint hangers" around, but it seemed the only thing you had to do to have a unique bike at the show was build a 26" mountain bike.

I was psyched to see a trials bike(which was maybe the only 26er I saw) from Caelifera, a side venture of what is mostly an Architectural design and fabrication company that happens to have some bike nuts working for them...

My vote for "People's Choice", which I later found out was the bike Chris King built for himself as his daily ride.

The Indy Fab Phil Wood 40th track bike was amazing, I cant imagine the process or labor involved with polishing a Ti frame.

Im sure most everybody has seen enough shots of this bike, but here is mine for good measure.

This Pegoretti was easily one of the most beautiful road bikes I have ever seen, and I'm not fond of yellow...

I would love to post twenty other things here, but, if you want to see more I have over two hundred photos available here.

Also the see all the official NAHBS award winners here.

The elusive Chris King was there, the guy on the left. Awesome...


  1. Nice pics! Thanks for sharing them, I almost feel like I was there. Next year is Austin, always wanted to see Austin...

  2. I can't imagine a better city for that than Austin. Cool town. Thanks for the photo-essay too guys.