Monday, April 26, 2010

4 Years Ago Today...

The infamous John Prolly posted his first bike blog about Domino, his new fixed gear bicycle. John has become the go-to guy for fixed gears on the inter-web, and to think it all started with that bike. I know he has learned a few things in the past 4 years, including photographing bicycles from the drive side, and leveling his saddle.
As you probably already know Bicycle Revolutions has just celebrated 4 years of bringing you fine fixed gear bicycles. So I just wanted to share some of the love for fixed gears with John and wish him many more years of blogging success.


  1. That was actually my second fixed gear! Just because it was my first blog post on my track bikes doesn't mean I didn't have one before that.


    Congrats on the 4-year anniversary man!

  2. All I said was "first bike blog" about your "new fixed gear bicycle"
    A worthy milestone indeed. Just had to poke fun at your pics after you gave me shit...

    "John Watson So nice man! NOW TAKE A BETTER PHOTO!


    March 10 at 5:49pm · "

    See you soon!