Thursday, November 21, 2013

Twin Six - SALE! -

You know we love Twin Six here, and since we just got our first batch of their 2014 gear in, we're having a sale on some items from their 2013 line. A good sale, like 20% off good. So here are the goods:

Grey and white argyle, both tops and bottoms. Go big or go home right?
If you're going to wear Lycra isn't it more fun when it looks like you did it on purpose? Yup.

Some black...
 Some white...
Some red...
Some Ladies...
and last but not least, some more argyle.

So come and get while the gettin's good, because as Twin Six would have you know all this fabulous cycling gear is Limited Edition. I think they say it best in this little blurb on their site;
You heard 'em!

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