Monday, March 31, 2014

Tune-up Season is on!

It happens every year, the weather breaks and there's a mad rush of bikes coming in our door for springtime tune-ups. Many have been hibernating all winter, others will have ridden straight through it in all sorts of conditions. Either way, everyone wants their bikes to be ready to go for that first nice day. Well it's coming quick! We think getting your bike tuned up should be an easy process, so here's what you need to know.

Our tune-ups are $60 for labor. The services included are adjusting of the brakes, derailleurs, bottom bracket and hub bearings, wheel true, basic cleaning (though it's always nice to make sure your bike is pretty clean before giving it to a mechanic to work on), lube, air and inspection of all moving parts. If you need any parts replaced that is in addition to the $60 labor.

No need to call ahead, we do estimates for service on a walk-in basis and can schedule an appointment for you once you and your bike are here. A mechanic will see if your bike needs any parts replaced and find out if there's anything in particular you are concerned with.

This time of year we start getting booked pretty quick and there can be up to a week before the next available slot. So you don't have to be without your bike for more than a day, we ask you drop it off the day before your appointment. Even the day of is fine if you can get it here by noon. We'll have it done and give you a call by the end of the day.

So if you think your bike might need a tune-up now is the time, you don't want to have to miss out on any of the wonderful weather that is bound to get here right?

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