Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Defiant Track Crank

Designed as a replica of the Campagnolo Nuovo Record Track Crank, the IRD Defiant Crank is a clean and classic track crank for everyday use. I love vintage parts for sure, but most of the time they are reserved for special projects as they become more rare and more expensive. I was wondering when somebody would knock off the classic and even make it affordable. The Defiant Track Crank comes in 165, 167.5 and 170mm lengths. It has a 144bcd 46T Chainring, standard for most modern track racing cranksets. For most set ups this will use a 110mm JIS tapered bottom bracket, affordable and commonly available. The cranks are in stock and selling for $160, right now I have only 165mm on hand but will be getting the other sizes as the demand presents itself.


  1. have you mounted and ridden these? what do you think?

  2. They are very nice, a classic nod to the Campagnolo Nuevo Record Pista cranks. Clean and simple. They are certainly not crazy stiff like the modern Omnium cranks, but Mr. Merckx did break the hour record on a similar design...