Saturday, February 27, 2010

Party Time! Thanks for coming out last night.

We are really happy that everybody could make it out despite the weather. So good to see friendly faces again, it's been a long cold winter.

There was pizza, trying to get Nate to fill out his sister's jeans...

I "tattooed" Matty, our favorite sales slut.

Just about everybody showed up, who wasn't going to NAHBS.

Even got the Old Heads to turn up, got to show these younginz how it's done. I think we planned a Veteran's Alley Cat for spring time, I better start training I think I said I was going to win. At least the last time I said that, I did!
Good times, it was really good to see everybody last night and kick off our art series for 2010. See you at the next opening...

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